Czech state preschools: An increasingly tough placement situation

May 15, 2009
colourful kites hanging on preschool garden fence

Finding a spot in a state preschool is as likely as winning the lottery

For the past several weeks my life has been consumed by the search for a Czech state preschool for Anna Lee. When I look back at my calendar, the month of April is a blur of školka related tasks: Visits to “den otevřených dveří” (open house days) at the školkas to get application forms, visiting the doctor for a mandatory stamp for the application, and repeating this process at additional školkas. In the meantime, I forwent other activities like grocery shopping and Oliver’s naps because they conflicted with registration times, which incidentally overlapped with each other. The process seemed like an endless merry-go-round of bureaucracy. Luckily, I got to know the nurse at our doctor’s office well enough that in the end she would accept our forms for the mandatory stamp without asking any questions.

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