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The long legacy of crossing cultures

June 12, 2009
Native American in ceremonial dress

Keeping Native American traditions alive in the Czech Republic

The first gift I received from my husband, Radek, while we were dating was a Hopi necklace. I had been in Prague for several months, and I remember looking at Radek in surprise as he handed me the silver chain with a turquoise Kokopelli. I’d expected something Czech. He’d purchased the necklace on an Arizona reservation. Initially, I thought Radek’s interest in Native American life had come through travel, but, like many here, he grew up with a love of scouting and had read novels by Karl May that offered enticing Wild West narratives. Scouting and tramping – that is, to hike through the woods, camp and explore nature – have been vibrant subcultures here since WWI.

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