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November 6, 2009
pumpkins and lampions

Hunting for mushrooms, gathering nuts, flying kites and carving pumpkins.

We kicked-off our autumn this year with a podzimní party (autumn party) at Anna Lee’s preschool. The festivities were probably typical for the preschool, but my children and I were pleasantly overwhelmed by the fanfare of celebrating autumn that back in America we’d usually link to a Halloween party. There were autumn-themed games, including a potato-sack race, a chestnut toss, pumpkin carving and a blind-folded hunt to discern edible from poisonous mushrooms. Parents brought baked goods made from the fall harvest: garden plums, handpicked nuts and locally grown pumpkins. There was even a contest for the most original student-crafted kite followed by a dance performance and a balloon-art demonstration.

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