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Babysitting dilemmas

February 19, 2010
Baby, portrait, kid and child HD photo by Åsmund Gimre (@asmundgimre) on Unsplash

Who’s in charge of the kids when there’s no babička?

There are days when I would give anything to be able to call my mom and say, “Could you come over and watch the kids while I go for a run?” or “What are you doing Saturday night? Would you mind if the kids sleep over and Radek and I catch a movie?” These occasions do happen once or twice a year, and when they do, it’s wonderful. The rest of the year, when Radek or I need a break, we pack the kids’ suitcases and drive them an hour and a half to stay with his mother for the weekend. Babička is always glad to see them, and our travel time is balanced by the bliss of having some time to ourselves, child-free. However, like many Czech families we know, apart from babička, we don’t have anyone on hand to look after the kids if something comes up. From my expat friends’ perspective, though, we’re the lucky ones, since at least we’ve got family to turn to, even if babička doesn’t live close enough to drop by regularly.

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