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Děda’s Svíčková

March 12, 2010
svickova na smetane (beef in sour cream sauce) served with knedlik (bread dumpling), traditional Czech cuisine - photo by bonchan/

Photo by bonchan/

Acquiring an original Czech recipe

After writing about traditional Czech cooking, I thought I’d better put my pen down and actually get my hands dirty in the kitchen (with something other than Czech sweets). My own curiosity, coupled with requests from readers for an authentic recipe for svíčková, prompted me to talk to Radek’s dědaSvíčková is one of the heartier Czech dishes, it seemed a perfect one to try to make during the current winter months, when my taste for salads and greens is replaced with a desire for meats, gravy, and bread dumplings. Had I known that acquiring the recipe would become a comedic experience, fitting for an episode in the notoriously wacky Homolkovi family film series, I would have asked Radek to videotape it.

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