Spring in the air

March 26, 2010
Spring flower blossoms on branch photo by Anthony DELANOIX (@anthonydelanoix) on Unsplash

Easter and spring preparations get a warm weather boost

After one of Prague’s snowiest winters in more than a decade, this past week’s warmer temperatures thawed the last of the snowdrifts and brought much-needed spring cheer. During my first spring in Prague, I remember an American friend remarking that spring in the Czech Republic was enough to make a single guy’s hormones rage. “All those gorgeous Czech women and all those bare legs,” he commented. When we sat on the steps of the cathedral at Náměstí Míru one afternoon in early spring, we reveled at the arrival of warmer weather each in our own way. I marveled at the budding trees on the square, while he goggled at the budding girls.

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