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Nudity at the spa

April 30, 2010
Woman, female, water and hot tub HD photo by Robb Leahy (@robb_leahy) on Unsplash

Is being pregnant in-the-buff ok sauna etiquette?

Recently Radek and I enjoyed our first childless-getaway in over a year by spending two-nights at an Austrian lázně (spa), just across the border from the Czech Republic. Although we’d originally contemplated taking the children with us, in the end, I vetoed the idea. Honestly, the kids would have loved the outdoor mineral pool and the special children’s area with slides and water toys, but I knew that Radek would be keen to try the different saunas and steam rooms, where children under 14 weren’t allowed, and I wanted to relax and enjoy myself too. Also, although I’m comfortable walking around naked at home before and after showering, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a full-on Austrian family adventure in the nude.

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