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Fighting for change in Prague’s traffic safety

June 11, 2010
Pedestrian crosswalk

Photo by Cyber Kristiyan/

One father’s humanitarian mission after a devastating tragedy.

One month ago, when I wrote my column The unforeseen disaster about a traffic accident the three-year old son of a friend of mine was involved in, I had no idea that pedestrian crossing accidents would remain so forefront on my mind. Despite lingering wounds and a skull fracture, the boy should make a full recovery from his experience of being struck and thrown from his stroller as the car continued driving through a pedestrian cross-walk in Prague’s Vinohrady neighborhood. Although my friend was badly shaken by the trauma of the accident, she is filled with gratitude for her son’s safety and is learning to cope with the physical and mental repercussions, including the unavoidable stress of crossing Prague’s streets again.

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