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Pediatric care

October 29, 2010
doctor's stethescope

Immunizations and pediatric procedures in the Czech Republic

Finding a pediatrician was one of my top-priorities when Radek and I moved with our then nearly one-year-old daughter back to Prague. After registering us with Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP), the state insurance company, Radek began a diligent search to find a pediatrician. Although my baby books said I should prepare a list of questions and schedule appointments with a few different doctors to find one whose approach most clearly matched the needs of our family, in reality, the process boiled down to simple logistics. We needed to find a Czech doctor in our neighborhood who would accept our VZP insurance and had space for a new patient (each doctor has a quota of patients they can accept from different insurance carriers). At first, Radek got one or two rejections from doctors who said either they weren’t accepting patients or that we didn’t live in the right zone of the neighborhood to register with them. However, before long, we’d located a pediatrician a short walk from our apartment that was glad to register Anna Lee.

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