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A “healthy” compromise?

February 18, 2011
the backs of doctors walking down a hospital corridor

Government and doctors come to an agreement in the nick of time

The way Radek’s babička told it, Radek’s cousin had walked out of the hospital with her new baby and the doors of the facilities were actually locked behind them. There would be no more births at the recently renovated maternity hospital in the coming weeks in Radek’s hometown, as the union-backed hospital doctors’ strike that began last autumn finally began to take its toll. As the 1 March departure date for doctors drew closer, medical facilities across the country prepared to either shut their doors entirely or offer limited services. This is likely to mean longer waiting room lines and delayed surgeries. To abate growing public concern, the government has promised an intervention from military medical personnel and has even suggested declaring a state of emergency. According to the news, 3,800 hospital doctors across the Czech Republic, approximately one-fifth of the country’s total, have handed in their resignations since the strikes began last autumn.

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