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April 1, 2011
assortment of plastic children's toys

Keeping BPA plastic out of the mouths of Czech babies

With a soon-to-be-crawling infant, I’m constantly on the defensive to protect him from swallowing his siblings’ treasures or other hazardous bits. Despite my vigilance, on his daily prowls through our living space Samuel is apt to find anything from a dried up muffin crumb to a miniature Kinder Egg toy or a wax crayon. His curiosity about new objects combined with his aching gums and voracious appetite certainly keeps me on my toes. Luckily, I’ve got two sharp-eyed helpers, Anna Lee and Oliver, who are equally as dedicated to making sure Samuel doesn’t mistakenly chomp down on their misplaced Lego instead of his baby teething ring. Both children are eager to feed the baby his “real” food (i.e. cereal O’s or puffed corn sticks) and quick to snatch away anything that they deem inappropriate (toys or their own food). I breathe easier knowing that apart from the odd escaped toy, all the items within Samuel’s reach are safe for his exploration.

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