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Spring fever or spring fatigue?

April 8, 2011
field of spring rapeseed

Cultural implications of seasonal change

For the past few weeks, my kids have been tired and crankier than usual. Their less-than-sunny dispositions have struck me as odd, now that the weather has turned beautiful, mild, and sunny. In celebration of spring, we’ve been out biking and walking through the woods. Even on trips to the city center, it’s hard to miss signs of Prague coming to life after the long winter. Unfortunately, instead of enjoying such outings, the kids have complained of tired legs and sore feet. Although I prod them to shake off their tiredness, smell the flowers and soak up the sunshine, I must admit it’s been just as hard to motive myself, both mentally and physically. Even watching the tulip bulbs I planted last September open their delicate petals a bit wider each day hasn’t helped me fully shake my own lethargy.Paste the first paragraph of the article here.

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