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May 13, 2011
Blurred photo of school canteen during lunch

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Czech school traditions for the midday meal

There’s trouble at preschool, again. A few months ago Oliver was reprimanded for not being able to dress and undress himself properly. We’ve been working on that one, and I think he has improved, mildly. The other day, however, his pleasant, but reserved teacher told me that Oliver had been zlobivý (naughty). The children’s teachers rarely give me information unless there’s a problem, so I took her words to heart. Although in Czech the word zlobivý doesn’t always seem to carry the same strong negative implications, the problem was serious, at least in the eyes of the school’s director. She wanted something to be done about Oliver’s behavior immediately. I asked for details, expecting to hear that Oliver had thrown a toy, hit another child, fought with his classmates or perhaps used offensive language. I was speechless when the teacher finally pronounced his offense: Oliver was talking during lunch.

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