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Beyond bilingual, bi-literate too

November 4, 2011
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Boosting language literacy through storytelling

I was chatting with Frantíšek, the vrátný (doorkeeper) at the gymnasium where my kids take gymnastics lessons the other day. While the kids practice somersaults and handstands, he batters me with questions about life in America. Our talks range from what kind of eyewear is popular in the US or the cost of laser surgery to the differences between socialized healthcare and the US system or if pensions for retirees exist in both countries. Frantíšek is curious about English culture and the language, and it’s a perfect opportunity for me to practice my conversational Czech. Recently, he took our exchanges to a new level when he brought an article from current Czech news about pumpkins in the US for me to examine. “Read it,” he insisted, pushing the paper into my hands, then paused and said, “You can read in Czech, right?”

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