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December 2, 2011
Little boy with an ipad

Should iPhones and iPads be on Santa’s gift list?

I got the feeling that we were behind the digital times at our house recently. Last week I needed to get in touch with my daughter Anna Lee during school hours. After trying the school’s main line and the teacher’s cabinet extension without reaching a live person, I went next door to my neighbor for advice. “Just call Anna’s mobile,” she offered. Her 13-year-old daughter attends the same school and carries an iPhone daily. Anna doesn’t have a mobile, however. I know it isn’t unheard of for a six-year-old to carry a phone, but I personally thought it was unnecessary for Anna. Since she isn’t yet required (or permitted) to go by herself to and from school or anywhere beyond our neighborhood street, I haven’t felt the need. I also feel uncomfortable entrusting a child with the responsibility (and the burden) of carrying around a piece of modern technology. However, not being to get in touch with her on that particular morning did make me reconsider my stance.

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