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Christmas countdown

December 9, 2011
advent calendar

Cultural significance of Advent calendars and nativity scenes.

Getting my kids out of bed during Advent season is thankfully easy. Each morning, my two older children stumble from bed and then leap to the window where they keep their Advent calendars. After a few intense seconds wrestling with thick cardboard (thanks to Playmobil’s heavy-duty packaging), they’re all smiles as they show-off the latest miniature toy to add to their Advent “scene.” This year Anna has a princess-themed scene and Oliver has a dinosaur one. We first discovered these super-fancy calendars in Dresden last year, when we were looking for small toys for our US trip. At the time, I had no idea how the children would react to getting these scene calendars in place of the ones with chocolate that they’d come to expect. I should have known they’d be a hit. In fact, last year our whole family enjoyed the process of setting them up, particularly Anna’s set which had a traditional secular Santa scene.

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