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Let’s go see the stars

February 3, 2012
Prague National Theatre - Národní divadlo

Czech arts and patriotism at Národní Divadlo

I felt like Daddy Warbucks (or perhaps more like his female counterpart Grace) the other evening as I led Anna Lee up the carpeted stairs and into the regal magnificence of Prague’s Národní divadlo. Dressed in her holiday finest down to her shiny patent leather shoes, blond hair slightly askew, Anna looked every bit as wide-eyed as the orphan Annie had in the unforgettable scene from the 1980s movie Annie. When billionaire Warbucks took the night off and rented out the theater so that he could take Annie to see the stars, it was a night to remember. But it wasn’t just any theater we were going to; it was the national theater, a symbol of Czech patriotism and national pride.

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