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Tooth by tooth

March 9, 2012
Boy getting his teeth examined by a dentist

Exploring Czech dental tradition and services

Having a dentist for a father had its perks. Every six months or so, usually during summer and Christmas breaks, I’d hop up in the reclining dentist’s chair, open my mouth and have my teeth counted, cleaned and protected with grape-flavor liquid fluoride. I left slurping a sugar-free lollipop, pockets stuffed with rubber erasers, bouncing balls and free toothbrushes. Apart from a single occasion having broken a baby molar I came back, missing not one, but two, molars as Dad had mistakenly pulled the wrong tooth first, I can’t say I ever had a reason to complain. My friends used to be surprised that my family kept a bowl of sweets in the kitchen, free for the taking, and bought Fruit Loops and Sugar Smacks cereal. We brushed our teeth twice a day with whatever toothpaste tasted best, and I never thought much about our family’s dental habits, until years later, when I had kids of my own.

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