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May 25, 2012
postage stamps on envelopes

Matchbooks, postcards, stamps & stickers

When shopping at Bila supermarket the other day, I took the stack of animal sticker cards the cashier handed me without a second thought. I knew the kids would go wild for them at home, comparing animals and sticking them to notebooks and furniture. After the newness wore off, I figured I’d toss them into a drawer much like I’d done with the Smurf cards from Albert a few months back. My mother then noticed the hardback animal album that accompanied the free stickers. She insisted we buy one for the kids. Although I hesitated, not really wanting a store promotion, the book itself cost only 39 CZK and we certainly already had oodles of other stickers we could place in them as well. We walked away with two books and two very pleased young collectors.

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