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Hola, ni hao or guten tag?

June 1, 2012
Saying hello in different languages

Adding a third-language to the bilingual mix

I was thrilled when Anna read me a First Reader by herself in English the other night. With nearly a year of first grade under her belt, she’s now adept at sounding out words letter-by-letter as her Czech teacher has taught. However, when it comes to English, sounding words out as in Czech can instead render some comical results. Last night, Anna and I both had a chuckle over the proper name “Hope” which she initially pronounced “Hopej” as it would be said in Czech. I reminded her about the long vowel “o” and the silent “e” rule, and she continued reading. She made similar mistakes later in the story, but I was still impressed by how she was able to correct herself once she realized that the word she’d said didn’t sound quite right. Even the simple word “a” required a second read, but she persevered.

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