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What it takes to be happy

June 8, 2012
Three happy women laughing and talking

A balancing act

It wasn’t a place I would have normally chosen for a girl’s night on the town. Still, the smoky cellar restaurant, with its dim lighting and a faint smell of stale grease, was, in fact, perfect. My friend’s husband had bought a voucher for the place on slevomat and on this particular night, we were the only ones in the place. The waitress watched an evening sitcom with her feet propped up and occasionally chatted with the cook, who was chain-smoking in the corner. At intervals she would come to check in on us, bringing us a carafe of white wine or more water. Our set dinner of pork medallions and potato wedges was surprisingly tasty. In fact, the ordinariness of the setting made it easier to relax and focus on why we were really getting together – to chat, commiserate, and bond. A night like this doesn’t happen often. After dinner, we ordered dessert, medovník and Sacher tort, buying ourselves more time, soaking in the atmosphere and appreciating the valuable free time.

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