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Crossing back

September 7, 2012

Snippets from a cross-cultural summer

Is there ever an easy way to leave friends and family? Even though Prague has been home for years, my last few days with my family in Virginia are always emotional. Amidst the packing and the sad goodbyes, I squeeze in last-minute trips to the bank or to Wal-Mart to buy American-styled school supplies, just for fun, and the special floor cleaner that I can’t find here. I take the children swimming as many times as possible, even though there are thunderstorms each afternoon. We drive 10-minutes from the outdoor pool to the indoor fitness center where we wait out the storm in the locker room, so they can have a little more time splashing around with their cousins. We have nothing as convenient near our home in Prague, so we make the most of the opportunity.

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