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You can’t take it with you, or can you?

January 18, 2013
Emily and Anna hiking

A new lens in the New Year

On New Year’s Eve, Radek and the two older kids and I set off to hike the Molly’s Knob Trail, the most difficult, but most scenic hike in the Hungry Mother State Park in my hometown. It’s only a 1.6 mile hike but the nearly 200 meter elevation change makes the last leg of the trail the most challenging. On a clear day, the views of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains are well-worth the sweat to get up the trail. On overcast days, at least it feels as if you’ve accomplished something by the time you stand catching your breath at the top. Radek and I try to hike this trail every visit. Sometimes we hike with friends, and once years ago, we took four-year-old Anna Lee up in a hiking backpack.

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