Czech Food

Seeking perfection

February 16, 2013
bryndzové halušky

Photo by Jan Veres/

Regional and home-cooking authenticity

In search of the perfect meal, Radek led our family, as well as my aunt and uncle, through the crowds gathered to enjoy wine harvest festivities. As we trouped up and down the cobblestone streets of Mělník, the aroma of fried grease wafted temptingly in the breeze. Feeling a few pangs of hunger, I suggested that perhaps we break for a glass of burčak (sweet, young wine) and a sausage while we waited for the village’s crowded restaurants to empty out. It was my aunt and uncle’s first trip to Prague, and I could tell, even as I made the offer, that I wasn’t going to be able to easily convince my gourmand husband to serve our guests fair food, even if he might have settled for it himself.

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