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May 3, 2013
Royal Park Stromovka (Královská Obora Stromovka) in Prague, Czech Republic

Photo by Roman Plesky/Shutterstock.com

The happy co-mingling of nature and city life

When we lived in Prague’s Žižkov district, I took the children regularly to the neighborhood’s Parukářka Park or the nearby Vítkov hill with its representative statue of Jan Žižka on horseback. We’d spend an hour or two at the playground most mornings and often return in the afternoon for a stroll. On warmer evenings Radek would meet us after work in one of the parks. We’d take turns running or rollerblading while the children played. Afterward, we’d grab a quick dinner at our neighborhood pizzeria. Sometimes we’d venture a bit farther to the popular Vinohrady park of Riegrovy sady. There we’d meet friends in the large outdoor beer garden or watch the children play in the park’s renovated play area.

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