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October 25, 2013
autumn vineyard landscape in the mikulov south moravia czech republic , Moravian countryside , wine production culture touristic destination blue cloudy sky

Photo by Vincent Grebenicek/

Enjoying the autumn harvest by bike around Moravia

Much like going to the forest on a sunny autumn weekend to gather mushrooms, paying a visit to the vineyards of southern Moravian each autumn is a rite of passage; Czech wine-making tradition at its finest. Admittedly the Czech Republic is not an international exporter of truly excellent wines, but nonetheless, Czech wine-making tradition is still held in high-esteem within the country. For the most part, Czech wineries are family operations with vineyards and wine-making techniques passed down through generations. The modern comedy Bobule (2008) highlights the do-it-yourself tradition of Moravian wine making. Most of the wine produced in the Czech Republic doesn’t leave the country, and I’m willing to bet that most of it doesn’t even make it out of Moravia.

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