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Thankfulness for my Czech home

November 22, 2013
thank you

A note of appreciation to my readers and adopted homeland

In conjunction with the American holiday of Thanksgiving, the month of November is often used as a time of reflection to innumerate all the things one is thankful for. With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday, I’d like to take this opportunity to note the things I’ve come to be thankful for over the last six years I’ve spent writing this Half-n-half column. When I first started writing the Half-n-half for the Prague Monitor in 2007, I could have never predicted that I’d still be writing today. In the first months after starting out, I was surprised to have found enough themes to keep me writing through that Christmas. From time to time, readers and friends have asked me where I come up with the ideas for the weekly column. Mostly, I use my family’s experiences, but I also owe a great deal of credit to the feedback from my readers.

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