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The balance shifts

February 21, 2014
Anna balancing

Czech becomes our dominant home language, in spite of my best intentions

With a solid month and a half of 2014 underway, I’ve noticed a sudden but distinct change in the way our household operates. Change has been bountiful the past six months. The biggest adjustment has been my return to teaching, a change which my children and husband have for-the-most-part embraced. The kids are eager to help out, doing sample art projects for my first-grade classes and previewing the English songs I want to try with my students. Radek has pitched in, too. He’s taken over the majority of weekend cooking, experimenting with different ways to roast lamb, prepare vegetables for salads and make guacamole. We alternate doing the dishes, and double-up to get the bedtime routine done at a reasonable hour. Sometimes it feels like my life is in fast-forward, but when I speak with friends who have busy lives and small children many also share a similar story.

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