Czech Culture & Adaptation

Half ‘n Half Welcome

April 1, 2015
Family Picnic photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov (@mrrrk_smith) on Unsplash

For any non-Czech, living in the Czech Republic is a learning process, a series of linguistic and cultural adaptations to a new way of life.

How does it feel taking your children to school the first day in a new country where you can’t even pronounce the essential děkuji (thank you) properly? When you have waited patiently for half an hour at the doctor’s office closest to your flat because you’re sick, what do you do when you discover that she’s not taking new patients? Why does your children’s dentist meticulously count, but never clean, your children’s teeth? When the Czech post office’s customs department confiscates a package sent from your family back home, how do you go about getting it back? Why do you see Czech babies parked unattended in their strollers outside small shops in the city or on village squares? When your 10-year-old wants to walk home from school by herself, should you let her?

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