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Stroller Identity

April 17, 2015
Stroller photo by Micael Widell (@micaelwidell) on Unsplash

Why I strangely miss Czech stroller culture

While spring cleaning our garage, my husband asked me to find a family who wanted the last remnants of our baby years – two strollers and a car seat. Although I didn’t have a problem giving away the car seat, when it came to getting rid of the two strollers, I had sentimental attachment. When an email to friends resulted in no takers, Radek suggested that we throw the strollers away or leave them by the dumpster. They were collecting dust and taking up space we could use for bikes. But I refused. I had spent over eight years bumping along cobblestone streets with a child fastened securely in a stroller. Throwing them away seemed like tossing away part of my own identity as a mother.

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