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Biking around the world in Třebon, CZ

May 15, 2015
Cyclist riding walking along a cycle path in the wood surroundings of Trebon, South Bohemia.

Photo by Sasenki/Shutterstock.com

Touring the country’s fishpond region on two wheels

My parents’ eyes widened when the children bounded into the room cheerfully declaring that we were about to bike around the world. Biking kolem Světa (around the world) did sound ambitious. But having been on a biking trip with our family to the Třebon region last spring, my mother refused to be tricked. Gamely, she smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll race you.” The kids burst out laughing and told my father, not to worry, Svět was just the name of the pond closest to the town. It would take us only about an hour to bike around the pond’s 12 kilometer perimeter.

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