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Genomac — it’s all in your genes

June 23, 2015
Man, male, lab and laboratory HD photo by Lucas Vasques (@luvqs) on Unsplash

Or at least, there’s more there than you thought

In the arena of genetics, perhaps it comes as no surprise that the story of Genomac is intertwined with the tale of a monkey. When the first low-land gorilla was born in captivity in the Prague zoo in December of 2004, no one at the zoo could tell whether the baby gorilla Moja was female or male. A small genetic research institute named Genomac was asked to help. Genomac applied a Y chromosome test kit which was used to identify Moja as a female (by excluding that she had a Y chromosome). At the time, no one knew that this simple test kit would be vital to Genomac’s future work bringing lifestyle and fashion to the science of genetics.

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