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Hunting down a jack-o-lantern

September 18, 2015
Child holding jack-o-lantern photo by Julia Raasch (@julesrsh) on Unsplash

Pumpkins at large in the Czech Republic’s autumn scene

Finding a carving pumpkin in the Czech Republic used to take a bit of legwork, at least if you didn’t own a chata (summer cottage) where you grew your own. Fifteen years ago, pumpkins weren’t considered the autumn symbol that they are nowadays. While the Czech Republic celebrated All Saints’ Day on November 1 with flowers, candles and visits to the cemetery, carving pumpkins and Halloween were rituals reserved for foreigners. Although you could track down a pumpkin at the main Tesco at Národní třída or buy tins of canned pumpkin at the upscale Culinaria food shop, pumpkin selection beyond the home-grown variety was minimal.

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