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Tips for Trips: Hiking Sněžka

November 5, 2015
Sněžka sunrays on a mountain photo by Jakub Kriz (@jakubkriz) on Unsplash

A cable car ride and crossing the Czech/Polish border on foot

When we arrived in the town of Pec pod Sněžkou nestled in the valley below the Sněžka Mountain, my children’s eyes lit up. The name Sněžka means “snow-covered” or “snowy,” and the Sněžka Mountain is the most prominent peak in the Krkonoše. The Krkonoše are the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic and an attractive destination for year-round outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking to the top of Sněžka’s at 1603 meters is an accomplishment to be proud of in the Czech hiking community, although (as my family realized) there is another way to reach the summit. It was only November 1, but my kids hoped to see snow when we got to the top.

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