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Zdenek’s Oyster Bar: Oysters, Caviar & Champagne

February 2, 2016
Japanese fusion food photo by Vitchakorn Koonyosying (@mggbox) on Unsplash

Approaching five years of bringing oysters & innovation to Prague’s seafood scene

It’s early on a Thursday evening in a quiet corner of Prague’s downtown, just steps away from Old Town’s Tyn Square. The January night is cold, but in the open kitchen of Zdenek’s Oyster Bar the heat is on. With five chefs, numerous servers, a sommelier and several support staff in place, preparations are underway for the evening dinner service. Head chef Jiří Nosek is leaned over a white plate using stainless steel tweezers to place tendrils of green clover and shemeji mushrooms on a dish of Miso Black cod that’s kept warm under a copper heat lamp. The other chefs stop their own preps for a moment to watch Jiří work. Known as the “chef artist” in cooking circles, Jiří works with the precision of a surgeon and the colorful palette of a Picasso.

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