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At the Table with “Gastronaut” Pavel Maurer

February 8, 2016
Gourmet meal and white wine photo by Jay Wennington (@jaywennington) on Unsplash

How Maurer’s Top 10 Lists are making smarter eaters & why “Taste Waste” is his new passion

You’ll find the words “milovník dobrého jídla” (lover of good food) on his business card, but Pavel Maurer has another way to describe himself. He calls himself a “Gastronaut,” a person who is attracted by good food and is willing to travel for his food experiences. From visiting spaghetti festivals in Rome to heading 20 kilometers out of Prague to have lunch at a new Czech restaurant, Maurer doesn’t let distance stand in the way of a potentially interesting food experience. Nor, does he believe, should you.

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