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Playground Hopping in Prague

May 15, 2016

11 family friendly play areas (i.e. monkey bars, zip lines & water attractions) for almost-summer days

When you’d like to let your children run wild, but you need a bit of calm yourself, Prague has an abundance of playgrounds to entertain children of all ages. Although Prague has plenty of gorgeous green spaces and large wild parks, sometimes a simple, enclosed playground can be a parent’s best friend. From the sand pit and jungle gym tucked beyond the rose bushes in Prague’s downtown Franciscan Garden to the water wheels, pulleys and fountains of the Strašnice neighborhood’s Gutovka water areal, Prague’s playgrounds have everything you need to keep your children happy. Most of the playgrounds are also situated close to beer gardens, cafes or sweet shops, if you’re looking for a tasty reward for an afternoon of intense outdoor play.

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