The serious business of clowning

September 12, 2016
Colorful Clown photo by Levi Saunders (@levisaunders) on Unsplash

Dr. Klutz brings his one-man English theater show to schools

Dr. Klutz is the first to tell you, “Clowning is a serious business.” But take one look at Dr. Klutz, and you’ll know he’s got a few tricks under his trademark brown hat or in one of the magic suitcases he carries on stage. Whether he’s dressed as a clown with a red nose, black glasses and a striped shirt, decked out in a chef’s white apron, or playing the role of the mad professor, Dr. Klutz knows what it takes to make kids laugh. He also knows how to get them speaking English – in sentences, not just words – even kids who say they can’t speak English.

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