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Johnny with 2 Ns, a beginner’s mentality & curiosity in the classroom

October 4, 2021

I peered over my student’s shoulder. I saw the black inked letters J-O-N-Y printed on the white name tag I’d folded and placed on each student’s desk. My student, otherwise known to his Czech classmates as Jonáš,* looked at me for approval. I am Johnny, he told me. Is it right?  I grinned. Yes, that’s right. Just add an “H” and double the “N.” Johnny looked puzzled. H like horse, I said. N like nose. I pointed to the letters…

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Education Language

Why our tech world needs kids who craft

March 13, 2020
students' clay faces hanging on a school's fence

Whether it’s playing a lively game of Guess in 10, using Rory Story Cubes to tell a make-believe narrative, or simply providing a crafting workspace and keeping my mouth shut when my boys swipe cardboard from the recycling bin, I believe supporting my students' (and my children's) creative spirits is the best way I can help ensure their bright futures. …

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Multicultural Family Travel

The Passport Game

January 30, 2020
a passport drawn by a child

In the age of Trump, when fear, nationalism, and racism have spread from the United States outward toward Europe and beyond, even raising my children in a fairytale village outside of Prague still doesn’t keep them safe from the Trump-created crises that pop up on their social media and in the news.…

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Holidays Multicultural Family

At the Black Horse Pub

January 23, 2020
Our family sitting with Kathleen at a table

Years from now, I bet I will have forgotten how many times my children asked, "Can we go already?" during our three-day whirlwind in NYC. But I am pretty sure we will all remember walking into a pub and re-connecting with a bright-eyed waitress who made space for our family at her table.…

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Autumn Outdoor Life Travel

Wet Feet in the Jizera Mountains

October 25, 2019

There is a part of me that will always want to register for a planned race – to know the variables I am up against and to gauge my chances against known odds. But, I am also coming to realize that learning to adapt (with a cheerful spirit) to circumstances beyond my control is a race-worthy skill of its own. …

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Outdoor Life

How to Train for a Spring Marathon

April 5, 2019
Running shoe in snow

Registering to run the Prague May 6th marathon (and its sister half-marathon to be held 4-weeks before), had been a split-second, instinctive decision made on a dark November night, when I was desperate for a tangible goal to guide me through another grey Prague winter. I didn’t want to wait until my children were grown; by that time, I figured my husband would be right – my knees would be shot. I’d have missed my chance.…

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