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Saying “I love you” in Czech

How do Czechs feel about expressing endearment (& not just on Valentine’s Day)

Behind the Scenes of the Mikuláš Tradition

Praising the nice and punishing the naughty

2017 Summer Camps for English-Speaking Children

When school’s out & your children want an adventure

Easter Monday: To Whip or Not?

Why Czechs are ditching their whips to head to the cottage, walk in nature or visit castles instead

Filing US Taxes Abroad

Expat taxes for Americans living & working in the Czech Republic

Highlights of a Czech Christmas

Christmas is knocking on our doors

Wintertime Getaways for Families

Three mountain retreats to please Mom, Dad & the kids

All I want for Christmas…

Enjoying simple holiday rituals plus 5 experience-gifts for adventurous kids in Prague (& their parents)

Czech remedies for an early cold season

Weathering the sniffles and keeping fit as temperatures drop

Batter up!

How the All-American sport of baseball is finding a place of its own with CZ youth

The serious business of clowning

Dr. Klutz brings his one-man English theater show to schools

Back to School: 10 Must-Haves for the Czech School Year

Prague.TV has compiled a list of 10 elementary school must-haves and where to find them

5 Family-Friendly Camping Spots

From camping on the shores of Mácháč to sleeping beneath “rock city” in Czech Paradise

Summer camps or “letní tábory” in Prague (and beyond)

Sports, arts, science & outdoor camps to keep your child entertained while you’re at work

Etnosvět: A multifarious experience

Upmarket vegetarian dining with a world-cuisine approach

It’s Moving Time

Summertime brings a high volume of relocation to and from the CZ

Weekend Relax: It’s Chata Season Again

Why going to the cottage is still one of the most popular pastimes for Czechs

Chef Riccardo Lucque on his new Aromi Ristorante & Bistro

And why dim sum with an Italian flair may soon be on his menus

Going Unplugged in Prague

7 fun alternatives to tablets, mobile phones & television

7 Ways to Spot a Bohemian “Baby Boomer”

What’s unique about Czechs born during the 1970s?

At the Table with “Gastronaut” Pavel Maurer

How Maurer’s Top 10 Lists are making smarter eaters & why “Taste Waste” is his new passion

20 Things I wish I had known when I married a Czech (and moved to the Czech Republic)

A random list of personal adaptations to Czech culture from over a decade of life here

Zdenek’s Oyster Bar: Oysters, Caviar & Champagne

Approaching five years of bringing oysters & innovation to Prague’s seafood scene

5 Kid-Friendly Wintertime Trips

Skiing & skating in Sumava, building Legos in Berlin, touring a snow-covered fortress in Saxon Switzerland & more

A Basic Guide to Czech Healthcare for English Speakers

How to maximize your experience when you’re sick, injured or need a doctor’s advice

Heading to First Grade: Tips for Registering at a Czech Elementary School

Prague.TV’s tips to make the upcoming school registration process smooth

Once upon a “pohádka”

Settle down on the couch, it’s time for a dose of Czech fairytales

Christmas Baking the Czech Way

Get out your rolling pins and cookie cutters, it’s not too late

A Fireside Chat at U Emy Destinnové

American chef & owner Steven Trumpfheller says thanks

Top Family-Friendly Spots to Ice Skate this Holiday Season

Show off your figure eights at these outdoor and indoor rinks

What to know about the Czech eight-year gymnázium system

Selecting a school, open house days and entrance exams

Tips for Trips: Hiking Sněžka

A cable car ride and crossing the Czech/Polish border on foot

Tips for Trips: Říp

Mecca to the Czechs?

Got books?

Keeping your child’s language skills alive with English books

Cook & Meet

Learn to cook like an Italian and meet international friends in a relaxed atmosphere

Raising the next Dvořák

The Czech approach to musical training for children

Bringing children’s toys back to the basics

Traditional Czech children’s toys & hands-on workshops

5 things your child will learn in Czech kindergarten (and what he won’t)

With seven years experience, I’ve learned a few things about what to expect …

Hunting down a jack-o-lantern

Pumpkins at large in the Czech Republic’s autumn scene

How do you eat your rohlík?

What is so special about the Czech rohlík?

Animal Clubs in Prague

Where to go when your child can’t have a pet of his own

Genomac — it’s all in your genes

Or at least, there’s more there than you thought

Bohemian Paradise

Exploring the Český ráj region with children

Playground Hopping in Prague

11 family friendly play areas (i.e. monkey bars, zip lines & water attractions) for almost-summer days

Biking around the world in Třebon, CZ

Touring the country’s fishpond region on two wheels

Techmania in Pilsen, CZ

Sunday afternoon science center visit – treat or chore?

Stroller Identity

Why I strangely miss Czech stroller culture

Half ‘n Half Welcome

For any non-Czech, living in the Czech Republic is a learning process, a series of linguistic and cultural adaptations to a new way of life.

Easter in the Czech Republic

Adjusting pagan Easter traditions for a modern Czech Easter