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A Project in Patience

December 15, 2022
5 people crouched around a mini snowman

For me, nothing says ‘Tis the Season more than sitting at my computer, sipping a coffee, and squeezing a year’s worth of family photos into 111 pages of a photo book. It’s a process for which I’ve sacrificed hours of sleep in the past decade. It’s time-consuming, solitary, and technologically challenging. My photo book is a self-inflicted, end-of-the-year tradition that I annually lament and take great pride in.…

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Multicultural Family

Grief 101: How My Daughter and I Mourned Death Together in Quarantine

May 15, 2020
A young Babi with Deda

When we heard the news of Babi’s death, we were on a family bike ride, wearing face masks and keeping our distance from other Czechs who had also escaped to the countryside that Saturday morning for fresh air. Babi was my husband’s grandmother. Like my family back in Virginia, we had already been under quarantine due to the coronavirus for several weeks.…

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