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The Passport Game

January 30, 2020
a passport drawn by a child

In the age of Trump, when fear, nationalism, and racism have spread from the United States outward toward Europe and beyond, even raising my children in a fairytale village outside of Prague still doesn’t keep them safe from the Trump-created crises that pop up on their social media and in the news.…

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Multicultural Family

The things we carry

January 23, 2015
Summer in US 2014

Shuttling between a two-country existence “Are we going to make it?” Radek’s question hung in the air. Although I’d already packed five suitcases to the acceptable weight of 23 kilos each, the jury was out as to whether I’d fit the rest of our things into our carry-on luggage. It was the night before our return flight to Prague and we were debating whether or not I should pre-purchase an additional bag online. Radek voted to try to squeeze everything…

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Czech Culture & Adaptation Multicultural Family

Returning home

August 21, 2014
Radek and Anna

Reflections on re-entry to our Czech life Jet-lag compounded by exhaustion from an impromptu welcome home barbecue at our neighbor’s house across the street has the children sleeping late into the morning. Oliver and Sam are a tangle of tanned limbs in our master bed; meanwhile, Anna sleeps coverless in her own single bed. Surprisingly, it’s warmer here than it was back in Virginia, although a rain shower last night has cooled the air. After having grown accustomed to air-conditioned…

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